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Level Up Your Infrastructure

Instantly provision a global, low-latency network optimized for games

Gamers demand ultra-low latency

Lag affects more than just how fast your users can play your game - it affects whether or not they win or lose. That's why minimizing latency is a top priority for any gaming company.

Your business needs flexibility

Servers, connections, and bandwidth are expensive. User demand is notoriously difficult to predict. You need a flexible solution that doesn't lock you into a long-term contract.

Zenlayer offers ultra-low latency where you need it, when you need it

Give your gamers the experience they crave with an ultra-low latency network that spans the globe - without making a single capital expenditure. Whether your users are located in London, Mumbai, or São Paulo, they'll have the same fast access to your local edge servers while you enjoy infrastructure flexibility and scalability.

  • 150+ PoPs on six continents
  • Dedicated circuits on our global, private backbone
  • Real-time optimization of network traffic
  • Built-in redundant routes for network resiliency
  • Dynamic acceleration with UDP and TCP protocols

Proven results

Global gaming company uses Zenlayer Bare Metal Cloud to significantly lower latency & costs in Brazil

Test performance without infrastructure investments

  • Prior to product launch, test the game’s global performance by provisioning a small number of servers on-demand and at a low cost
  • Innovate new features and test implementations with ease
Low investment for test environments
Low investment for test environments Copy

Protect your game from attacks

  • Protect against distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks that can completely destroy user experience
  • Gain piece of mind with Zenlayer’s cloud-based DDoS protection with 1+ Tbps of scrubbing capacity
  • 8 cloud scrubbing sites located in North America, Europe, and Asia

Stress-free deployments

  • Zenlayer handles procurement & deployment - you just say what and where
  • 24/7/365 support with <15 response times
  • Guaranteed availability with 99.99% SLA
Scalability and elastic bandwidth

Featured Products

Bare Metal Cloud

Dedicated servers
Instantly deploy
in 30+

Cloud Networking

Global private network in 59 seconds
Scalable multicloud connectivity

DDoS Protection

1+ Tbps protection
DDoS attacks