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Cloud Service Providers

Quickly expand your global presence while saving time, money, and IT resources

Rapidly build your global infrastructure

Complete solution from procurement to maintenance

Hardware procurement

We can handle purchasing and transportation for you or save initial capital outlay by leasing equipment from us.


Network provisioning

We will advise on the best network topology and provision the required IP transit.



Our experienced deployment engineers will install all hardware according to the highest industry standards.



Our dedicated network monitoring team proactively analyzes real-time network conditions and detect any abnormalities. Built-in redundancy and intelligent routing allows our network to dynamically select the best routes for data transmission.



Our proprietary operations support system provides visibility into each device (including servers, PDUs, switches, routers, etc.) to monitor status and usage, offering insights on how to optimize equipment deployment.



We take care of all routine maintenance and ensure consistent uptime. If equipment that you colocate with us is malfunctioning, we will coordinate with the manufacturer on your behalf to repair/replace the faulty hardware.

Deploy multiple PoPs simultaneously in any of our 150+ data centers


Ensure uptime with the highest level of reliability

smooth connection

Reliable and ultra-low latency network

  • 9.6 Tbps global IP backbone with 450+ peers
  • Built-in redundant routes to ensure network uptime
  • Dedicated circuits available to avoid public Internet congestion

DDoS Protection (powered by NSFOCUS)

  • Cloud-based DDoS protection with 1 Tbps+ of scrubbing capacity protects your customers' businesses
  • 8 cloud scrubbing sites in North America, Europe and Asia

Featured Products

Edge Data Center Services

Enter global markets
with confidence and ease

Bare Metal

Dedicated servers
Instantly deploy in 20+ countries


Global private network in 59 seconds
Scalable multicloud connectivity